St. Mary Catholic Central High School has a vital interest in maintaining a positive learning environment, one that is safe and healthy for all of its members. It is SMCC’s goal to form its students spiritually, intellectually and socially into faithful disciples of Jesus Christ and successful members of society.  As members of the SMCC community, including our parents , students, faculty, staff, coaches, administration, benefactors and friends, we have mutually pledged to help our students grow toward a healthy, safe, moral, successful and Catholic lifestyle.

The SMCC community recognizes the challenges that adolescents face in today’s society, with regard to alcohol and drugs. As the Catechism of the Catholic Church observes, use of alcohol and illegal drugs and the abuse of prescription medications inflicts grave damage on mind, body and spirit. SMCC considers alcohol, drug, and tobacco use by teenagers as a serious social problem. We recognize that the problem is community-wide, resulting in consequences which impact the school and can interfere with learning and the fullest possible development of each student.

We recognize that alcohol, drug, or tobacco use/abuse often leads to chemical dependency. We affirm that chemical dependency is a primary disease affecting all persons in the dependent's life. It is progressive, chronic, and, if untreated, may be fatal.

We are aware of the power and allure that alcohol, drugs, and tobacco hold. We commit ourselves to do everything reasonable to keep our school and events free of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco. We will deal swiftly and firmly with anyone bringing these substances into our school or school-sponsored activities. We understand that achieving these ends requires us to employ a comprehensive approach to educating our student about the dangers of drug and alcohol use, as well as committing ourselves to reasonable and lawful actions that ensure, as best as possible, that a safe, drug-free environment for student formation exists.

Attendance at a Catholic high school is not a right, but a privilege. With that privilege, come certain responsibilities. We hold our students and their parents to a high standard of behavior in areas that affect well-being and safety. All students and parents are required to consent to participation in all the aspects of this policy and its accompanying administrative regulation as a condition of the student's continued enrollment at St. Mary Catholic Central High School.

The SMCC Drug and Alcohol Policy is focused on student-parent participation, restorative support, and recognition of the moral significance of drug and alcohol abuse. Prevention, not punishment, is the primary focus of this policy and the accompanying random mandatory drug and alcohol testing program. The policy and its components are used to deter initial use and to identify anyone in need of help. This testing program works in concert with all SMCC policies in the Student and Faculty/Staff handbooks including policies prohibiting the possession and use of drugs and alcohol.

The links below provide the School Board approved Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Prevention Policy, copies of the communication shared with the SMCC community when the policy was first designed and launched, and resources for parents and students.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Prevention Policy

Letter to Parents - January 2014

Letter to Parents - February 2012

Mtg with Parent - May 2012 Power Point Presentation

FAQ - Random Drug Testing Programs

SMCC Press Release Announcing Random Mandatory Drug Testing Program- May 2012



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