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ONE  PAYMENT: Families who choose to pay their balance, after any need-based or merit aid and discounts are applied, in full by July 1 will receive $400 off their balance as an incentive. Credit card payments are accepted. 

MONTHLY PAYMENTS: Families may make three trimester payments in July, October or January; or they can make 10 monthly payments from July through April. These payments are drafted automatically from a bank account. Families have the option of paying on the 15th or 30th of the month. Amounts can be staggered throughout payment period provided the full amount is paid by the end of April in the schedule.

LOAN PROGRAMS: Loans are available locally through Monroe Bank & Trust and nationally through SallieMae. MB&T's program offers a competitive rate with loans payable over twelve months. SallieMae has a three-tier loan program depending on one's credit rating. SallieMae loans may be paid off within one year or extended to as many as 20 years. The SMCC school code for Sallie Mae is 607405. More information, including online application, is available at:

St. Mary Catholic Central High School awards financial assistance to students; all forms of financial aid are need-based. At present, there are memorial grants, endowments, and funds from our annual Auction that generate an annual interest income and funds. This money is awarded to qualifying students applying for financial assistance. The financial aid committee administers the money generated by these grants based upon the requirements specified by the donor.

Total financial aid to all qualifying students for the current school year is over $1,100,000. This figure includes funds from the Archdiocese of Detroit, SMCC Endowments & Trusts, and others. Over 60% of all students attending SMCC benefit from our financial assistance programs.

The process of seeking financial assistance begins with submitting a completed FACTS Management financial aid application. This form and the $30 processing fee was due by December each year. Notifications of SMCC financial aid grants were mailed prior to registration or re-registration.


An AOD Tuition Grant, determined on a sliding scale per student grant, is available from the Archdiocese of Detroit. Parents need only complete the FACTS application once, but must select "Detroit Diocese - St. Mary Catholic Central HS" as a second school for the their high school student(s). Applicants must also secure their pastor's signature on the designated form found this page: AOD Stewards for Tomorrow Grant page and upload their most recent tax information. If awarded this grant, this amount will be in addition to the amount awarded by SMCC.


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