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At SMCC, students are involved in the process of college and career planning beginning freshman year.  The College Advising Office works with each student and their family to help them make decisions about their future by providing them with information and tools to aid them in all of the steps of the college selection process.

The college planning process can be intimidating but it can also be very exciting!  The College Counselors have created a College Planning Handbook which will assist students and parents with the college search and application process, as well as information on financial aid and scholarships.

All SMCC students and parents have access to Naviance, which is the primary tool that we use to assist with the career and college selection process. Naviance allows parents and students to research careers, search for colleges, sign-up to attend college representative visits, manage potential college choices, and search for scholarships. Naviance also provides an excellent tool for ACT test preparation.

The College Counselors look forward to working throughout each student’s high school career to help find a college that is the perfect fit!



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