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Shelly Griffin


How Scrip Works: The Earnings Add Up Quickly


Do you shop at…Meijer? Kohl’s? Old Navy? Target? TJ Maxx? Walmart? Lowe’s? Kohl’s? Bath & Body? Walgreen’s? Schoolbelles? Danny’s?

Do you eat at…Applebees? Olive Garden? Taco Bell? Wendy’s? Buffalo Wild Wings? Subway? Tiffany’s? Dolce Vita? Michigan Bar & Grill? Tim Hortons? Panera Bread?    

How about filling your gas tank at…Marathon? Speedway? Shell? Meijer? Mobil? Sunoco? BP?

If you answered yes to any of the above, do you buy Scrip?
If you do, great! You’ve figured it out! If you don’t, do you realize that these companies, plus many more, are offering to give you money to help pay your tuition?!? 

The Scrip program is not just a school fundraiser; it is your own personal tuition assistance plan. Exchange your cash for debit cards to all your favorite establishments. You get dollar for dollar!  Pay $25 and get a $25 card; it doesn’t cost you an extra penny!   In return, these companies give back a percentage of your purchase!  That rebate or credit is then subtracted from your tuition bill next year!

So, why not give Scrip a try. Orders can be dropped off, phoned-in, faxed, or emailed - it fits into any schedule. Print off an order form today at It’s as easy as that! The Scrip coordinator takes care of the rest!  Please include your family, friends, coworkers; the more orders you obtain the more tuition credit you will receive.

Completed orders my be sent home with your SMCC student. Call 734-241-7622 x 150 or email for details. Students must sign a note verifying that a Scrip order has been received.   

Future SMCC Families

If you anticipate sending a child to SMCC, you may establish an account to credit your future tuition. Future SMCC families are welcome to participate in Scrip as long as you have fulfilled your obligation to your present school. Your credit will be held until your child has enrolled at SMCC. Any future family account inactive for 12 or more months will be notified and will be given 60 days to respond. If there is no response within 60 days, funds will be designated to SMCC. If a child does not enroll at SMCC, all "banked" credits will be designated to SMCC.


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